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LED wallwasher,as the name suggests,the light wash the walls like water.Mainly used for architectural decorative lighting, and also use to outline the contours of large buildings.LED wall washer technical parameters and LED Spotlights are generally similar. Most LED wall washer adopts 1W high power LED as the light source,arranged in a single line or double lines. If you need the lights throw no more than 1 meter,our mini wallwasher that adopt the 5050SMD will meet requirement.

Beam angle and light projection distance: The beam angle depends on the lens,we provide conventional 15°,30°,45°,60°,90°and 120° For your chooses.The smaller the beam angle,the farther the light projection distance. If you need customized other beam angle,just contact us.

Lighting body: The housing using extrude aluminum material which help heat dissipation better.Normally our LED wallwasher is 1000mm long,

but we accept customied length for your requirement.

Protection grade: IP65 —IP68,Structure waterproof wallwasher can up to IP67,with advanced waterproof performance,even if long-term use will not affect its waterproof performance!Structural waterproof lighting also have a more beautiful appearance than glue sealing waterproof.Cisun Lighting supply several structural waterproof LED wall washer lighting for our clients.

Power supply specifications: Usually we provide wide voltage AC85~260V that match most countries.Now Low Voltage Wall Washer increasingly popular since it's big advantages to high voltage: Safety,Longer life,No flicker,etc.DC24V Switch power supply require to make the wallwasher works.The total power supply watts should be 20% stronger than the total wallwasher light Watts to run the system well.For example,one 360W meanwell power supply should supply no more than 288W lighting.All our wall washer can be high or low voltage.