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Wireless synchronous DMX512 LED controller

Product Code:


Output Port:

8 Port


DMX512 or TTL

Control Mode

Host Mode or Sub Control


8 Ports output Wireless synchronous LED controller



Technical parameters
Load Capacity: 8x1024pixels

Gray Level:32-65536 levels

Temperature :-20℃~65℃

Software:LED Light Control
Power: DC5-24V
Maximum Power Consumption: 8W

Dimensions:190mmx122mmx45 mm



System characters

Can control a variety of conventional and customized IC.
Perfectly compatible with DMX512(1990) international standard protocol.
Support all kinds of regular and irregular mapping of project.
Work Synch「onously,when multiple controllers are powered up at the same time.
Can realize the brightness, the clock, the play speed and the single cycle file adjustment. Power synchronized.when multiple controllers are powered up at the same time.
EASY LED software make scene by 3 steps.
Be suitable to do the outline with multi-channel output same scene by the price of one port