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Silicon-based GaN research and development in high-power LED

Recently,held in Guangzhou in 2013 LED epitaxial silicon technology and latest trends in special equipment and materials, the Dr. Sun Qian, vice president of research and development of silicon substrate LED LatticePower participants entitled "silico

Buzz global lighting market price war, technology as the key to success!

As the LED market oversupply situation seen soothing, LED manufacturers and thus fall into the price of tug of war again. According to TrendForces Green Energy Business Division LEDinside latest price report shows that in August the global LED bulb repla

Cree unveils new Cree 4Flow LED

According to the official announcement, the new Cree LED ball is congenital to bear accurate LED achievement in colour quality, ablaze achievement and dimming.The new LED ball is congenital to endure for 27 years (30,000 hours) andprovides consumers with

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LED linear lighting Case in Phnom Penh

This LED lighting project is Four 3meter Round linear lights screen by DMX512 control with video player.

The difference between Structural Waterproofing and glue sealing waterproof of Lighting

There are two types of outdoor LED lamps waterproof: structural waterproof and glue sealing waterproof.Its better to achieve whole structural waterproofing if possible,however, the details of lamp fixtures and mould requirements are very high.Preliminary